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Furnace Brook Winery is the Berkshires First Farm Winery, free wine tastings are available year-round. The winery is less than 10 miles from Lenox, MA.


Cabernet Sauvignon Special Reserve 2012

Big E Northeast Wine Competition Silver 2011, Bronze Medal 2009 & 2007
If you enjoy a complex, full-bodied red wine, our Northeast Varietal Cabernet Sauvignon Special Reserve is for you. It is aged in limousine oak barrels for over 18 months and is excellent for cellaring. Cabernet goes well with beef, lamb and goose, especially when cooked with herbs. It is also a great match for Brie, Cheddar and chocolate.

Merlot Special Reserve 2012 - SOLD OUT

Big E Northeast Wine Competition - Silver 2011, Bronze Medal 2010 & 2009

Merlot is renowned as a dry, soft, yet full-bodied red wine. Our Merlot
Special Reserve delights with its rich ruby red hue and complex character.
Aged for over 18 months in limousine oak barrels. Merlot is a perfect match for beef and other medium-heavy dishes. Try some with a rich, red pasta dish, or even a heavy chicken dish. Merlot is also an excellent compliment to chocolate. Good cheeses for Merlot are Cheddar, Blue, and Colby.

Old Vine Zinfandel - SOLD OUT

Big E Northeast Wine Competition - Silver Medal 2010

Our Old Vine Zinfandel has been aged in French oak barrels for 18 months. Rich tannins pleasantly coat the palate. It's dark color and full flavor is balanced and smooth throughout. A fine accompaniment to grill and roasted meats.

Pinot Noir 2012

Big E Northeast Wine Competition - Bronze Medal 2011, 2009

Our Pinot Noir has a beautiful red hue, full of bright fruit, with a
sense of harmony. Our Northeast Varietal is a red wine you can drink with
food, or enjoy on its own. Pinot Noir will go well with pasta with red sauce, or lighter beef and pork dishes. Also, any local game you might have, or even goose would do well. Good cheeses for Pinot Noir are Hudson Valley Camembert, Sharp Cheddar, Parmigiano Reggiano, and Monterey Jack.

Shiraz Special Reserve 2012

Big E Northeast Wine Competition - Silver Medal 2010, Bronze 2009 & 2008

This Special Reserve Shiraz has been aged for two years in French oak barrels and exhibits outstanding color and complexity. It's warm mouth feel, with a long finish, distinguishes the mature ripening of the grape.


Chardonnay Special Reserve 2012
Big E Northeast Wine Competition - Silver Medal 2006, Bronze 2010, 2009 & 2007
This reserve has been lovingly aged in French oak for 18 months. Focus, finesse, balance and complexity delight in this shimmering golden award winning wine. Chardonnay is dry, and goes best with poultry or seafood, like lobster or scallops. It can even go well with a light red meat dish. Good cheeses for Chardonnay include Gruyere, Provolone, and Brie.

Pinot Grigio 2012

Our newest wine is already a favorite. Its light, crisp sweet flavor pairs well with seafood, cheese and Asian foods.

Riesling 2012
Big E Northeast Wine Competition - Gold Medal 2007, Silver 2008 & 2006, Bronze 2011, 2010 & 2009
A wonderful picnic on a lazy summer afternoon - do you think of Riesling too? Semi-dry and fruity, our Northeast Varietal is best enjoyed well chilled. Riesling goes very well with oriental dishes and with seafood of all types. It is also great on its own, as a dessert wine. Good cheeses for Riesling are Hudson Valley Camembert, Sage Blue, Gruyere and Chevre Ash.

Dry Riesling 2012

Big E Northeast Wine Competition - Silver Medal 2010, Bronze 2011, 2009

Our new dry Riesling is a slightly drier version of our very popular gold-medal Riesling. This is crisp, dry and lush and makes a superb accompaniment to a wide variety of seafood, cheeses and cold meats.

White Zinfandel 2012

Our White Zinfandel has just enough sweetness to tickle the buds and a crisp, soothing character that is the very meaning of "summer quaffing." Ours is a fantastic party wine!  White Zinfandel is delicious with cream-based sauce served with pasta; fish; pork and other "lighter" meals. Fresh Mozzarella is a fine cheese accompaniment.

"Bee My Honey" Mead 2012

Big E Northeast Wine Competition - Silver Medal 2009, Bronze 2010

Our new mead is made from locally harvested 100% organic honey with 13.8% alcohol content. The taste is sweet, yes, but with an underlying dryness. Lovers of sweeter wines will fall in love with "Bee My Honey."  It is a perfect companion to desserts or light entrees. Try it mulled for a warm winter treat. This has not been added to our online order form yet so please email us with your phone number and we'll call you to take the order.

Apple Ice Wine 2013

Big E Northeast Wine Competition - Silver Medal 2011

Our much anticipated Apple Ice Wine debuted at the Apple Blossom Bash on June 4, 2011. This is truely hand-crafted - after the apples are harvested in the fall they are pressed at Christmas time and their juice is then kept outside in the freezing winter cold. This naturally separates the sugar from the water through the process known as cryo-concentration. This is the way we then obtain our precious nectar, which we then ferment into a delicious sweet desert ice wine.


Sparkling Muscato 2012 - "Best in State"
Big E Northeast Wine Competition - Best in State, 2010, Gold Medal 2010, 2008, Silver 2011, 2009 & 2006, Bronze 2007

If you're looking for a wine with the perfect balance of sweetness and refreshment, you've found it. This well-rounded winner offers an "exotic aroma" that's well balanced by a crisp, refreshing finish. Our Sparkling Muscato may be enjoyed on its own before a meal and is a perfect accompaniment to spicy Thai and Italian dishes. This wine's fruity characteristics also make it the perfect match for simple desserts like fruit tarts and almond cookies. Good cheeses for Muscato are Huntsman, and Muenster.

Sparkling Blanc de Blancs 2012

Big E Northeast Wine Competition - Silver Medal 2011 & 2009, Bronze 2010 & 2008

Rich, smooth and delicious, a slightly fruity wine with delicate flavors.
Made with a blend of Chardonnay and Seval grapes, it’s a bubbly that feels
luxurious and complete on the palate. 2004 Blanc de Blancs goes exceptionally well with lobster, scallops, mushrooms, light chicken, and sushi. Good cheeses for Blanc de Blancs are Brie, Chevre, Colby, and Edam.


French Cidre’ Special Reserve 2012 - SOLD OUT

Big E Northeast Wine Competition - Silver 2011, Bronze Medal 2010 & 2009

Made from a blend of Golden Russet and New England apple varieties, Furnace
Brook French Cidre’ Special Reserve is slowly fermented on the skins and aged in French oak barrels. Elegantly dry, remarkably complex, a real treat! Serve well chilled.

Johnny Mash Original American Cider

Big E Northeast Wine Competition - Silver 2011, Bronze Medal 2010, 2009 & 2007

Made with McIntosh and Northern Spy apples. Johnny Mash has delicious oaky notes that meld magically with apple fruit on the palate. Slowly aged in American oak. Johnny Mash is a true patriot. For more information on this award-winning cider, visit www.johnnymash.com

Johnny Mash Dry Gold - NEW!

Our new Johnny Mash "Dry Gold" is here!! Enjoy this dryer variation of our classic, made from our own heirloom golden russet apples and served in a 22 ounce long-neck.

Cider pairs superbly with fish, poultry, and pork. Not only can cider be substituted for white wine in almost any recipe , but it lends an incomparable and unique flavor to dishes. Also excellent as a tenderizer or marinade. Good cheeses for cider are Smoked Gouda, Cheddar, and Jarlsberg.

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